Episode 22 – Social Media and Turning


Episode 22 Social Media and Turning


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  1. Chad Martin website -”Love the podcast Gentlemen! It's the perfect length and great how you stay focused on the content, so thank you for the breath of fresh air in woodworking podcasts! I am curious about your opinions on roughing gouges. I'm still pretty new to turning and there are so many different tools out there it's hard to keep them all straight and when it's best to use them. So since the roughing gouge is the first thing every project needs (in most cases) what is your preference in size to start with? Is there a scenario where a different size is better than another? Are there roughing gouges for certain woods or type of project (spindle vs bowl vs segmented pieces)? Thanks again, keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to every new episode. Chad”


  2. Pat Lap - Hi guys! Here is some questions for you guys: - Were you woodturners before YouTube? - How the social medias changed your life as woodturners? - Do you think YouTube will last? If not, what are you going to do to show your skills? Have a great day! Love the podcast!

  3. Lou Call website - “Hey I really like this podcast, it's nice to listen to you guys. I love the youtube videos you guys put out. Maybe a topic you could discuss is what is the process of video, editing and publishing your videos. I've tried and fail to make something worth watching. I look forward each week to listen to WTAPODCAST. “

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