Episode 5 “Quick Projects”

Wood Turners Anonymous Podcast

Episode 5 - “Quick projects”

Listener questions -

 1. Zach - I have a round carbide tool, square, and a parting tool. What should I be looking for next?

 2. Michael Hill - I want to upgrade from my 200lb Jet lathe to do some bowls. Any advice? Thoughts on Grizzly?

Main topic - “Quick Projects”

Braxton - Lidded Boxes, wands, small bowls

Carl - Utensil Handles, pizza cutters

Jason - Pens, Bottle Stoppers, Seam Rippers, Coffee Scoops and Small Bowls

Where everyone can find us

People and websites mentioned

Jay Bates - Chisel Handles 

Beth Wheeler

Emily Wood 

Penn State Kits

Chefware Kits 

Craft Supplies

Grizzly G0766

Lidded box videos:



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One Thought to “Episode 5 “Quick Projects””

  1. John K

    I just found your podcast and love it! I just wanted to comment on keeping track of bushings…I color code mine. Just a little dot of my wife’s nail polish on the ones that all go together helps me keep the sets in order if (when) they get mixed up. Now, I don’t have a million different bushing sets, but I know that a blue dot is one one set, a red dot is another set, and so on.

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