Join us Saturday May 16th on a Zoom call! Hangout, talk turning, and ask questions. We'll get started at 8:00pm ET

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One Thought to “ASK US ANYTHING!”

  1. John a hurst jr

    Hello ,
    Hope all are doing well so been listing to you pod cast and down to 16 so 15 more
    I am total enjoying the newest to the oldest
    Well I had my boiler go so my shop had to be rip apart to fit the boiler in so I went on a fire sale and sold all my tools and my lathes had a rockler and a psi lathe
    Got enogh money to buy yes a jet 1220 1hp have yet to turn on still working on getting table saw working
    Little about my self I been turning pens for about 12 years and with the new lathe I can hopefully drill my blanks on it
    That being said I have a psi blank holder but thinking about expanding to bottle stopper know every one say I will need a chuck nova 3 what do you all say
    Again keep up the work on this pod cast it enjoyably to listin to

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