Episode 18 – Listener Questions and Follow Ups

Episode 18 Listener Questions and Follow up


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@Herrkopatient  "Sorby pro edge good or bad" - Instagram

@RJBwoodturner - "Just set up my wolverine sharpening system with a slow speed grinder and a couple CBN wheels. I’m reshaping my bowl gouge and want the swept back grind. What angle do each of you use when sharpening your gouges?" - Instagram

Chris Frego - "Hey guys!!! I'm a general contractor from Knoxville Tennessee. I have a good question for you. I have 3 lathes now and keep out growing them I have a sears spindle lathe and a Harbor freight 1/2hp 40 inch and I regretted the purchase immediately and now I have a Rikon Midi Lathe Model 70-220VSR that I love, But have outgrown it as well I want to do bigger. But the ones I want to stay away from grizzly and anything Harbor freight sorry no offense. I would like to stay under 3 grand. What would be something I would not grow out of. And what should I do with the other 3 tools. I do not have or know anyone around me who turns. So I don't know how the market would be if I sold two of them. Thanks guys!!! Oh and I just bought a 6" x 4' jet jointer will that help me on doing segmented bowls I've been wanting to get into segmented bowls, but I have a problem making my pieces perfect jointed when I glue them together any suggestions on that as well." - website


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“Hey Braxton!  Debbie and I are a little behind and were catching up on the podcast when we heard our names mentioned!  Not more than a week ago we were looking at the cedar bowl you turned and were surprised there was no signs of warping or cracking whatsoever. It looks just as good as the day you turned it!  Thanks for the shout out, it was really cool!” - Richard and Debbie Scipione


“Hello Braxton, Jason, and Carl, I just found your podcast and have been catching up on back episodes. I’m really enjoying what I’m hearing and learning. In this episode, I heard Jason talk about C/A finishing for pens and other small items. He and Carl both said they weren’t comfortable with applying a C/A finish mainly because of the amount of time it takes and the difficulty level of the process.I love C/A for pens and use it on almost every pen I make. I’d be more than happy to do a personal Google hang out with each of you and show you my method. It’s relatively fast and I get great results.

Best Regards,

Bob Blanford” - Website Submission In response to the episode on finishes


"I turn salad bowls, and exclusively turn wood that I’ve cut from logs. The balance is about processing that fresh wood without exposing it to the elements for too long. 3 ingredients. Item 1. a chainsaw. Item 2. Heavy duty black plastic yard bags. Item 3. A greenwood sealer, like anchorseal I cut the center inch or two with the pith out of a log. Cut two flat faces, trace my circle, then lop off the corners with my chainsaw. From there I take a few rough cut bowl blanks and carefully put them into a black plastic bag without ripping any holes. This will buy me as much time as I need before getting them onto the lathe to rough out. When you later open that bag, you’ll find water on the inside of the bag and the wood will not have lost its moisture and won’t crack. I take a bag of blanks, rough them out to about an inch thick on the lathe, cover them all over in a coat of sealer, and put them on the shelf to dry for 6+ months before finish turning. I’ve used a kiln before, made from an old chest freezer and had success speeding up the process a little with most woods, but ran into some cracking with my fruitwoods, so I’ve put that on pause for now." - Kevin Richards, Website In response to the episode on Drying wood


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