Episode 32 – Darryl Jones Interview

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Episode 32 - Darryl Jones Interview

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What are we working on

Carl - Traveling and Demoing

Jason - Gathering stuff for Christmas gifts to sell/give

Braxton - Large basket illusion bowl design layout, small hollowform/urn and processing lots of mesquite blanks. 

Darryl - Table for family and a small hollow forms


Listener Questions



  • George Christel, 

Hi guys, great podcast. I came into a bunch of lumber that I roughed into bowl blanks. What's the best way to store them until I'm ready to turn them? Thanks much, keep up the good work. 


Lupe Nielsen,

Hi there Carl, Jason and Braxton! Indeed, I always enjoy and look forward to your podcast content. You are all engaging, informative and quite funny. 😉 Currently, I am on the market for a vacuum chuck. Question: What should I look for in one of these devices? What do you recommend? My current lathe is a Powermatic 3520B lathe. To finish turning the bases on bowls and platters, I am using a Barracuda Chuck with the extension jaws that hold the rubber holders. From time to time, I turn a jam chuck for that purpose as well. I found a Hold Fast 6 Inch Vacuum Chuck System at Thoughts? Comments? Anything better out there? Happy turning!


Lupe Nielsen


Jonathan Ledford,

Question for the show. What is something that you have turned before but would not turn again? Will any of you be in Raleigh this July? Love the show, keep it up guys!

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Darryl Jones of Dread Knot Woodshop Interview

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dreadknotwoodshop

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPgE20Ys8IN37U0XNti20ZA/featured

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Jason - Andy Phillip The Weeping Willow


Braxton - Pat Carroll https://www.instagram.com/patcarroll_woodturning/

Darryl - JND Creations  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcNKZECUbA2jpdv0MKt_Njw


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