Episode 21 – Christmas Ornaments


Box Elder Ornament, done with the inside/out turning technique. 2 1/4" diam., 7" high. By Ken Grunke

Inside ornament from This Woodwork. Check out how he turned it HERE.



Episode 21 Christmas Ornaments




Andy McCrory from the website - Affiliate link to Miterset mentioned on recent podcast? Where is the link and what is the Miterset Carl briefly mentions? Really enjoy the podcast. a.mc.


CA Finish retraction - I like it now! - Braxton


What’s on the Lathe -


Braxton - Drywall! Also accumulating pieces for my vacuum chuck

Carl - Bathroom sink

Jason - Christmas tree finial topper and ear plugs


Listener questions


  1. Sebastian Ollari facebook - “What is the proper procedure for sanding a bowl?  Dealing with end grain?”

  2. Ian Bohannon - “ love the podcast. My question is, how critical is having a variable speed lathe? I have a 3 speed lathe now and as a beginner, I'm concerned the lowest speed might be too fast for turning a large diameter bowl, but so far I haven't noticed any issues.”


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wooden ear plugs


SG Art Turning


Bowl sanding adapters




Stephen Ogle Segmented Ornament


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