Episode 33 – Lathe Maintenance

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Episode 33 

listen here - https://soundcloud.com/wtapodcast/wta-podcast-episode-33-lathe-maintenance

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What are we working on

Carl - Traveling and demoing

Jason - Turning a dowel

Braxton - Basket illusion bowl getting ready to try out epoxy

Listener Questions


Richard Brooks -  Hi How do you keep segments from shrinking after turning, moving from shop to a dryer house? 

Alex Carbajal - Whats up, Vatos! i enjoy the show, look forward to many more episodes. i have a question relating to traditional tools, forgive me if this has been asked before but, what are your guys experiences with the different turning tool metals. i know you guys say Thompson all the way but there are so many different ones out there, just was curious with your guys thoughts on the HSS, M42, Kryo to name a few. Thanks, Alex Carbajal

Main Topic 


Lathe Maintenance

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