Episode 6 : Grips, Body Position, and Lathe Placement

Wood Turners Anonymous Podcast


  • Braxton Wirthlin

  • Jason Rausch

  • Carl Jacobson


Episode 6 - Gouge and chisel grip, body position for different turning operations and lathe position in your shop. Suggested by Michael Hill @mhwoodworker via Instagram


Listener questions - Matt Kummell @kummell via Instagram.


Any experience with coring systems, recommendations?
Any suggestions on “premium” turning tools
Bowl gouge sizes - how do you choose and is bigger better?
I’ve seen Bowl Bottom gouges but I don’t know what makes them special...am I missing out on something?


What’s on the Lathe -

Carl - End Table

Jason - Black walnut bowl

Braxton - large maple bowl, applewood bowl


Where everyone can find us

FACEBOOK!!!!! - https://www.facebook.com/WoodturnersAnonymous/


Websites and People


Jimmy Clewes - http://www.jimmyclewes.com/

Thompson Tools - http://thompsonlathetools.com/

D-Way tools - http://d-waytools.com/

Kelton Coring System - http://www.kelton.co.nz/McNaughton%20Center%20Saver.html

Imaginlay - Http://www.easyinlay.com 

Jim Partridge - http://www.jplw.co.uk/Welcome.html

Dale Nish - http://blog.woodturnerscatalog.com/woodturning-workshops/

Mike Mahoney - https://bowlmakerinc.com/

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