Episode 11 Carbide Vs Traditional

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Episode 11- Carbide Vs Traditional


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Zach @zwirt2 -  My wife thinks I need to start making money from my hobby, what are the easiest projects to batch out



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2 Thoughts to “Episode 11 Carbide Vs Traditional”

  1. Jeff Peters

    Hey guys, I just found your podcast and I hammered though it, big fan. You guys were talking about coring systems, here’s another option if it’s still available. I have a Richard Raffan video and he has a slicing tool for coring, he mounts the bowl blank with the inside towards the headstock, then he plunges the slicer from the headstock towards the tailstock to a certain point and then just hits it from the side and it comes off. Thanks Jeff

    1. wtapodcast

      Awesome! I’ll have to look in to that. Thanks very much for the comment, and thanks for listening!

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