Episode 10 – Listener Questions

Wood Turners Anonymous Podcast


  • Braxton Wirthlin

  • Jason Rausch

  • Carl Jacobson


Episode 10 - Listener Questions


Listener questions -

Brian @schmidiot via instagram I prefer a satin finish on my pieces, but my wife is requesting a high gloss “glassy” finish for a decorative bowl which will go in our master bathroom, so regular humidity will be an issue. What finish should I use? Lacquer, Formbys, apply on or of the lathe? Thanks again and love the show.

Emily Anne Nielsen - Are all finishes truly “food safe” when dry?

Rag Tie - What is the importance of turning speed related to wood type and why?


Listener Catches -


  • Dave Hess contacted us to let us know that Jeff Hornung with The Walnut Log (US Hampshire Sheen distributor) acknowledged a bad batch of product recently and offered to replace any affected products shipped.  He can be contacted through their website contact form at www.thewalnutlog.com/contact



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What’s on the Lathe -

Carl - Flutemaster

Jason - Door jambs and hollow core doors. (Yeah, not turning)

Braxton - Small mesquite bowl with a detailed edge, walnut sphere


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