Episode 2 – Getting Started

Wood Turners Anonymous Podcast


  • Braxton Wirthlin
  • Jason Rausch
  • Carl Jacobson


Episode 2 - “Getting Started”


What’s on the Lathe

  • Carl - weeble wobbles
  • Jason - maple log
  • Braxton - tons of stuff!


Main topic - Getting Started


Where everyone can find us



People/Products/Websites Mentioned:


Easy wood chuck

PSI Barracuda chuck 

Grizzly chuck

4 inch dovetail jaws

Cone center

Jacobs chuck

Hurricane chuck

Atlanta Woodworking show

June event

Nick Ferry

Ted Alexander


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2 Thoughts to “Episode 2 – Getting Started”

  1. I have a question. I have the 10×18 Harbor Freight lathe and am looking for suggestions on how to get the most out of it? I only have a Jacobs chuck and the small faceplate that came with it. I already have realized that I need to buy a bigger tool rest for it.

    Also, what are your guys’ opinions on the IAP Forum?

  2. Donny Carter

    Awesome episode fellas! I wanted to say, I could definitely listen to a little longer show! I enjoy to info and knowledge you guys share! Looking forward to episode 3!

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