Episode – 3 Favorite Woods

Wood Turners Anonymous Podcast

  • Braxton Wirthlin

  • Jason Rausch

  • Carl Jacobson

Episode 3 - “Favorite woods to turn”

Listener questions - From Moy Perez. "What is the best tool and method for turning off the tenon from the bottom of bowls?  The bowl gouge sometimes get a catch and I've lost a piece.


Announcement - Jimmy Clewes will be a part of the podcast

Main topic - Favorite woods to turn


Braxton - Osage Orange, Olive, Ash

Carl - Maple all varieties

Jason - maple, black walnut, cherry, boxwood

Where everyone can find us

People/Products/Websites Mentioned:

Ron brown’s best doughnut chuck 

Peter Brown’s doughnut chuck

Ted Alexander

Kevin Maxson

Vacuum chuck

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3 Thoughts to “Episode – 3 Favorite Woods”

  1. Enjoyed the episode, but boxwood is not the same as box elder. It sounded a lot like there was some confusion asking if boxwood has the red streaks through it. Box Elder is in the maple family.
    This episode was good because I kept wanting to raise my hand and add my own input. Perhaps on the podcast social media, ask questions that’ll revolve around the next episodes?

  2. Jared Brashears

    If you’re looking for Osage orange or pecan let me know and maybe we can work out a trade. I’m in Oklahoma and plan on being at the event in June. Enjoy the podcast keep up the good work.

    1. wtapodcast

      Awesome! I’m down to do some trading! Hopefully I’ll have a lot of desert hard woods with me for turning and trading. – Braxton

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