Episode 23 – Where You Been!?!?

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Episode 23 - Where you been?!

Segmented Ring Cutting Chart - https://www.dropbox.com/s/zcul17geec9yxau/Segemented-Ring-Cutting-Chart.pdf?dl=0


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Dave Diorio (website) - Hey guys, this I think is more for Jason. I have been turning for a long time now but just started getting into segmenting. I can make the rings, no problem, I watched Carl and made that sled. My question is how to determine the diameter of each ring, I know its based on the design but how much should sit on the next ring, is there a standard amount of incremental diameter? Dave ddwoodshop

Devin Richter (website) - I have a question regarding faceplates. Is there a size ratio rule you follow when you select a face plate for your blanks? For example, if you have a 16" blank you use a 4" or 6" faceplate? I only have the stock faceplate (2 1/2" I think) am I flirting with danger if I use that faceplate to turn a 12" bowl blank? Love the podcast! If I can ever figure out how to do ratings on I-Tunes, you will get a 5-star from me.

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