Episode 25 – Questions! Questions! Questions!

Episode 25 - Listener Questions


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AAW - Portland, OR - June 14-17th

SWAT - Waco, TX - August 24-26th

Message from Ray Wright -

"Hi Braxton,

I just wanted to tell all of you how much I enjoy your podcast. I am a totally blind woodworker  and it is very refreshing to have an audio format about the lathe (my favorite tool in the shop) and woodturning in general.

Braxton, I heard you mention that you will be at the Utah Woodturning symposium next week. I'll be there too. It would be great to meet you in person. If you see me (I'll be the one with a long white cane) please come up and say Hi. I  could keep a look out for you, but that would probably be a bit too difficult. Anyway,please keep up the great work on the podcast.

Hope to see you next week.

Happy turning,

Ray Wright

Sandy, UTah"


What are we working on

Carl -

Jason - Cutting bowl blanks from cherry and cedar logs - Chainsaw and Bandsaw

Braxton - Green to finish eucalyptus bowl, practice basket illusion bowl,

Listener Questions


# Date Submitted Message Email Name
26 24/08/2017 Since you just talked about drying wood can you talk about how you pick your wood and prep your blanks. How do you know if a piece of wood is worth turning?

Also how to you organize your tools? I tried using a cloth roll for my chisels but it was a hassle to open and close and when it's open it takes up a lot of room and gets dusty with shavings. Now I just store my chisels in a bucket.

Thanks! I'm really enjoying the show keep it up.

ccadenhead@gmail.com Charles
25 23/08/2017 G’day from Melbourne, Australia.

I really enjoy your podcast, which I listen to in the car on my way to work. It is great to hear that I am not the only one with a turning addiction.

I would like to hear what you think of dust extracting systems, are they necessary and what I should look for when buying one? I have my workshop under our house and it is not very big so it gets quite dusty if doing a lot of sanding.


Whilst turning a pen the other night, the blank shattered on me and a shard hit me on my face mask, lucky I was wearing a full one, as I think that it would have hit me in the eye. It made me think, that when you had your podcast re how to get started turning under $500, you guys failed to mention eye protection. Maybe a topic for another show?

Keep up the good work Guys.


Rob Law




roblaw2@me.com Rob Law
24 08/08/2017 Hi guys - love the show, have been binge-listening as I drive between business meetings and am almost done. I'm wondering if you might add a shout-out to AAW and how important an organization they are to our cause. Not only for the national symposiums, but the website is an awesome source of educational  and safety information for beginners. John Kelsey, former editor and writer for Fine Woodworking, author of many books, and a member of our turners club here in Lancaster, PA, has overseen the posting of decades of archived articles on the AAW site under EXPLORE! Thanks for the efforts to put the 'cast together; someday when I don't have numerous kids in college, I'll look to throw some quid your way - jungkurth@aol.com Mike Jungkurth
23 31/07/2017 Hi Guys,

Glad there is finally a podcast for woodturning. I am just get back into turning, a craft I started back in the late 1980's and thru about the mid-1990's when my children were old enough to keep us busy most days of the week. I have a question about safety. I know i used to grind my tools near my lathe and never really worried about the fire hazard. As I'm older and more conservative I was wondering what you guys do. All those sparks coming off the grinder makes me think someone has had an issue along the way.

Thanks for the great podcast so far. I'm sure as i get going again I'll have more questions!

Dave Pollatta

Ontario, NY

dpollatt@gmail.com Dave Pollatta
22 16/07/2017 Green wood?

Hi guys! I'm a fairly new wood turner and have mostly worked with dry wood (pens, spindles & small vessels). I was lucky enough to have a large maple branch fall in my yard recently (!) . I have roughed out several pieces for vessels. Turning green wood is really great and different from dry!

I read if you don't store blanks in a certain way they can crack and split and become firewood. Do you seal the ends of your blanks with wax or paint? Is it really necessary to dry them (and for how long?) before turning? Can't I go ahead and make my vessels now?

Is finishing green wood a good idea? If it's a sealant will it act to slow down the drying process? I'm in Colorado, rainy recently but usually quite dry.

Thanks so much! I enjoy your podcast and You Tube videos, I've learned a LOT  and am inspired by you guys! Keep doing what you do!!


Sarah. dugan03@gmail.com Sarah
20 06/07/2017 I just cut down a beautiful (but dead)  plum tree for my parents. The colors and grain are fantastic. I likely won't get any bowls out of this because of the small diameter and ants got to its core. But I got a lot of smaller limbs too. How can I best process these? I'm sure they're most suited to pen blanks, but not sure how to get there. Must the pith be removed? Looking forward to the next episode. Thanks guys. Martinwilliamp@gmail.com Will Martin
19 07/06/2017 Hi WTA!

It is great to finally have a woodturning podcast to listen to on the way to work!

I have two questions:

1. I have a delta 46-460 lathe with the bed extension. I have been working on some longer pieces (walking sticks, a cane, etc.) and would love to have an extra long tool rest. I found a few guides on how to make one. Unfortunately, most use two banjos and I am having a hard time finding a second banjo for my lathe. I can buy all of the parts from Delta and build my own for about $150, but I was wondering if you had a better idea?

2. I noticed that the 46-460 advertises that it can use up to 2 bed extensions. I have been happy with my single bed extension and wondered if there is any value in adding a second on a 1HP machine? If I go that route, should I just upgrade the lathe?



thomasjm1@gmail.com Jared Thomas
18 04/06/2017 What is the best way to preserve green wood bowl blanks  long term? noell.jon@gmail.com Jon
14 10/05/2017 Awesome podcast guys

I recently purchased the excelsior lathe from Rockler. Are there any guidelines for speed settings for what you are turning ?


mjb750j@gmail.com Mike Barry


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