Episode 26 – A Symposuuhh….WHAT?!

Wood Turners Anonymous Podcast

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Episode 26 - A Symposuuhh….WHAT?!


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What are we working on

Carl - Traveling and turning

Jason - cutting bowl blanks, roughing out a spalted maple bowl.

Braxton - milling wood and an acacia bowl

Scott - Burl Bowl

Listener Question




I have a grizzly lathe with a 10" throw. I'm currently using mostly carbide tools but wanting to get back to using my bowl gouge for turning bowls. When I tried hollowing out the center of the bowl I found that after starting the cut my handle was blocked by the bed of the lathe when I tried to swing it around to make the cut toward the center. I can't find any short handled bowl gouges online, is a larger lathe the only solution to my problem? Any advice is appreciated!




Austin, TX



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Websites and People


Ty Moser - https://www.monolocoworkshop.com/

AAW - https://www.woodturner.org/

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