Episode 30 – Moy’s Woodshop

Listen here - https://soundcloud.com/wtapodcast/wta-podcast-episode-30-moys-woodshop

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What are we working on

Carl - Bowling Bowl

Jason - Family time

Braxton - Dyed Bowls

Moy - Laser Engraving


Listener Questions


Hey guys, nice work on the podcast.  Very informative! I have a question, I am a beginner/low level intermediate turner and I have been using a combo of carbide tools and traditional tools.  While i do love the easy learning curve of the carbide, i really want to learn the traditional tools. I am looking to purchase my first bowl gouge. I know i should probably get a traditional grind gouge but i am wondering what size i should get?  3/8 or 1/2. Thanks for your time.

Jay Bernier


Where everyone can find us



Websites and People


CBN Wheel - https://amzn.to/2MtpAiy

Rubber Chucky - https://www.rubberchucky.com

Aluminum adapter - https://jtturningtools.com/vacuum-chuck-hubs

D-way tool vacuum chuck - http://d-waytools.com

Moy Perez - https://moyperezwoodshop.com

Doug Schneiter - https://youtu.be/FKMpLUpoiKg  

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