Episode 31 – Catching Up!

Wood Turners Anonymous Podcast 


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Episode 31


Mentions - Patreon thanks 


What are we working on

Carl - Traveling for demos

Jason - Maybe moving again.

Braxton - Small dyed rim bowls, basket illusion bowls, Indian rosewood hollow form


Listener Questions


Hey guys

I love your podcast. I just started woodturning this past spring. I have a question. What do you do with all the shavings?  I’ve got bags of this stuff. There has to be something they can be used for. Thanks and keep up the podcast. It’s awesome. 

  • Doug Kamen

Hey guys - great 21st episode. No worries to bounce around off topic, all was great! Suggestion: if any of you get east, make it a point to stop in the Penn State Industries retail store, located outside of Philly. I live about 80 miles from there, but have business in the area and make it a point to stop in every chance I can. They have awesome in-store-only sales, and the last-chance area in the back always has a ton of stuff for a very small fraction of original retail. Call ahead and mention who you are - and you'd like to do an interview with them - and they'll have an amazing gift bag waiting for you.  I know - Philly isn't exactly around the corner, but Carl can swing by to pick you all up in his wood sinked RV, and once you hit I-70, it's a straight shot east. Let me know? I'll fit you in to our club's demo schedule, and can reach out to a dozen other clubs around Philly, Boston, DC, NYC to piggyback on your east coast tour! Regards guys, thanks for getting back on the air - was thinking you had gone the way of the AMC Pacer for a bit there...

  • Mike Jungkurth

Hey just wanted to say I have listened to all 21 show this past week and feel I have gained a wealth of knowledge as I have never turned before. I've been woodworking for 2 years and fixing to dive head-first into turning in the next week or so. Thanks for all the tips and tricks and keep the shows coming.

  • John Baker


Websites and People


NV Woodwerks - Resin Casting 101 and a hands on one on one class at Turners Warehouse November 10th 


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