Episode 4 – Where to Find Wood

Wood Turners Anonymous Podcast

  • Braxton Wirthlin

  • Jason Rausch

  • Carl Jacobson

Episode 4 - Where to find wood

Show intro - What's up, Woodturners! I'm Braxton Wirthlin and I'm joined by my distinguished co-hosts, Mr. Jason Rausch, and Mr. Carl Jacobson, and this is episode #3 of the Woodturners Anonymous Podcast.

Listener Catches - From Kevin Richards Via the website. Enjoyed the episode, but boxwood is not the same as box elder. It sounded a lot like there was some confusion asking if boxwood has the red streaks through it. Box Elder is in the maple family.

Press Release - https://www.imaginlay.com/ Ready to use all natural crushed mother of pearl and crystal calcite inlay materials. Available in one ounce and three ounce sizes and they’ll be showing off the products at Totally Turning in Saratoga Springs, NY (4/1-2) and the AAW Symposium.

Listener questions - Ty Moser - At what point do you need to go up a size in chuck jaws?

What’s on the lathe -

Carl - Banana bowl, Beer Stein with segmented handle

Braxton - natural edge indian rosewood, Small hollow form, magic wands

Jason - Cutting Bowl blanks.

Main topic - Where to find wood.

 Where everyone can find us

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People/Products/Websites Mentioned:

Kevin Richards

Ty Moser

Oregon Woodturning Symposium

Sara Robinson

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2 Thoughts to “Episode 4 – Where to Find Wood”

  1. Lance ortiz

    Hey guys thanks for the great show. Quick question what type and size of chainsaw do you recommend to purchase? I have been wanting one for awhile just haven’t been able to pull the trigger. Also if buying used what is something to look for and what to pass on? Thanks again can’t wait to listen every Wednesday!

  2. thanks guys for mentioning our debut for Imaginlay crushed inlay material:Calcite and Mother of pearl at the Totally Turning show in Saratoga. We were a big hit. Look for us at the AAW in Kansas City in June. I will be presenting there as well doing a demo on alternative inlays. To make it a bit easier to find us we’ve change our website name to easyinlay.com Will any of you guys be there?
    thanks again

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