Episode 9 – 0 To Turning


Episode 9 - From 0 to turning

submitted by Kolby Peterson @sawdustworkshop via instagram

Listener questions - Jason Barlow @jbsworkshop I’ve got a few questions about the hampshire sheen. I've got some but we are not getting along.The wax in my tin is so firm. I watched some of Martins videos and his had more consistency of butter. I have tried tshirts and paper towels and neither have worked. Should I be heating it up or something?

Hampshire Sheen Contact form:  http://www.hampshiresheen.com/contact/

Website comment from Andrew - I don’t remember who was looking into a chainsaw for slabbing with the chainsaw mill and he mentioned a 60 cc stihl. I would pass on that and go for something with at least 80 cc. I use a husquvarna 385 with mine and it’s what I would consider just adequate.

Thanks for the great podcast.




What’s on the Lathe -

Carl - Entry Table

Jason - Cherry pallet boards

Braxton - 2 disasters and 2 small bowls and cutting up stuff for the symposium


Where everyone can find us



Websites and People


Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/wtapodcast

Oklahoma Event - http://videowoodworkers.com/

Utah Woodturning Symposium - https://utahwoodturning.com/

Trent Bosch - http://trentbosch.com/





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4 Thoughts to “Episode 9 – 0 To Turning”

  1. James

    Hi guys,

    This topic came at a perfect time. I recently purchased a very well taken care of used grizzly lathe by chance, have never used a late before, and I am looking to enhance my projects. My next stop is to go pick up some tools and a chuck. thanks guys.

    1. wtapodcast

      Awesome! Glad we could help!

  2. WN

    Hey guys, you skipped the $1,000 budget as part of the convo. You did $500 and unlimited but not the middle range. would love to hear what you think, especially in terms of lathe purchase.

    1. wtapodcast

      Dang! We’ll have to put that on the list to answer Thanks!

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